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Chia (pronounced Kee-a) is one of the most renowned resorts in Sardinia.

Where now is Chia once stood Bithia, a city of Carthage that was built between the 6th and the 7th century BC. Unfortunately, little remains of this city, aside from the fascinating artefacts that can be seen in the archaeological museums of Cagliari and Domus de Maria (the nearest town to Chia).

There are many aspects of Chia that fascinate the visitor: the coastal ponds, regularly visited by various species of birds such as flamingos, or the seventeenth-century Spanish tower or the sand dunes modulated by the wind, and the cliffs along the coast.

Furthermore Chia offers many possibilities due to its geographical position. In a few minutes drive you can reach real wonders. For example the famous beach of Tuerredda, characterized by its convex shape, surely one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean.

The town of Pula, with its lively nightlife, where you can visit the fascinating ruins of the ancient Roman city of Nora. Finally do not miss a trip to the granite mountains of Domus de Maria covered by forests of oak and inhabited by Sardinian deer and wild boars.